Where to Pick Up Wonderful Women

Here’s a fun list of places to find women you’d actually want to date:

Produce aisle.
She knows how to eat healthy, nice. Ask her to help you pick out fresh vegetables for a salad you’re trying to make.

If you dig single moms, what’s more fun than a playground?

She values health and fitness, nice. Here’s a non-stalker line: the weather is nice, where are you from?

Spice aisle.
She knows how to cook. Ask for recommendations.

Acrofit class. Or yoga class. Or any fitness class for that matter.
Show up often and actually be interested in the class before you make the move.

Pottery class.
So calm and relaxing, this is where all the crafty girls hang out.

Art gallery.
Into the artsy type? You should be at art galleries weekly, checking out the beautiful…art.

These are just a few tips to get you going. For more in-depth ways to find love, check out this post.

What High School Students Need to Know Before College

High schoolers are constantly given a rude awakening when they graduate from school. They have to start making their own decisions in life. It sucks, I know. Been there, done that. But if you can get past being a spoiled brat and actually take ownership of your post-secondary life, you might have a chance to make something of yourself. Here are some words of wisdom:

If you don’t know where you’re going, explore first.
Don’t waste your time locked into an institutional system yet. Harsh but true. You need to find what you’re passionate about first before you start school. Explore what’s out there. Do your research. Don’t aimlessly enter into school thinking you’ll figure it out after years of college debt.

If there are too many choices, pick none and walk away.
You will know what feels right when the time comes. Don’t overthink the sheer idea that there are shitloads of courses, majors, certificates, diplomas and degrees to choose from. The choice will become obvious naturally, over time, when you get to know what you’re good at.

Say goodbye to the standard structure.
You are in charge of your success going forward. Your parents can’t make the next decisions for you. They can’t tell you what major to choose. They can’t cook your Kraft Dinner while you’re in the dorm room. Set out to be independent now. If you haven’t been making many decisions up to now, stop reading this, go to the grocery store, and buy yourself some fruits and vegetables.

You’re going to lose some friends if you want to be happy.
Your path will piss off some people. They don’t get you. The people who support you will be your real friends. In a sense, the time leading up to college will define all of the excess and important things in your life. Distinguish between the two.

Enjoy it or forget it.
Life is too short. Don’t do something if you’re not driven to do it. Switch directions while you’re young, go where the fun is. Start something. Build something. Make mistakes. Hustle.


“I very often watch a lot of young people meandering around without any idea about why they’re doing what they’re doing.”
–Kevin Spacey

This is a great quote from Kevin Spacey when he was speaking on Inside the Actor’s Studio. Can you answer why you’re doing what you’re doing? It might be important to figure that out before you see Kevin Spacey next time. Don’t be a meanderer, be the leader of your life.

Free Time

Freeing your schedule to do the things that matter is the best way to get rid of the stress in your life.

Enjoying that empty space on your calendar to do nothing is actually quite refreshing.

Be less accessible and more focused on what matters in life.

Another fun tip, brought to you by Trev.


Okay, here goes, you will think I’m super-weird after this post on shampoo. Here are the reasons why I stopped using shampoo two years ago and why I haven’t looked back since:

I am tired of running into shampoos that ruin my scalp. More dandruff appears with those anti-dandruff shampoos for some reason. It’s like they want you to keep buying it if you fall under that niche of people with snowflakes in their hair. I’m also pretty sure those chemicals in shampoos will give me cancer or worse, kill my sperm.

I always had to put new products in my hair to get the right styling. Everything from hair gel and conditioners to waxes and pastes. Everything to make my hair look good actually made it look like a fake toupe. Hair products are not cheap and they add up, especially if you layer it on.

My hair was thinning and balding for some reason! I was only 26! By eliminating all hair products, I gained some hair volume back. Coincidence? I think not. Now instead of looking like George Costanza, I look like me.

Advertising makes you need all of this. When you consider how great the models on TV look, it only makes sense to feel the need to look like them.

Consider cleaning your hair without any products for a week to see what results you get. I just wash my hair with water for 15 seconds a day. Yes, things will get oily to start. Yes, things will get weird. But your hair will get naturally thicker. Best of all, you’ll be able to style it without a single styling product – the natural oils from your scalp will do that for you.

Preview – The Ultimate Holistic Happiness Course

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6 Ways to Stop Snoozing

The famous snooze button.

Often the first way to start our day, you and I would typically wake to a jarring alarm clock, hit snooze for that extra few minutes only to wake again with that extra groggy feeling.

My best mornings happen when I just wake up without an alarm.

Sometimes I get up at 4am. Other times it’s 6am.

As your next experiment, try waking up to start the day without falling asleep again. Here’s how you can do it without snoozing:

Get to bed on-schedule.
Chances are you are tired in the morning because you had a different sleep pattern. Your body needs to stick to a consistent schedule of bed times and wake up times. The average adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep. Stick to your schedule to feel awake every time you hear that alarm clock ringing.

Place the alarm clock far away from your bed.
Please ensure the alarm is still audible! By scrambling in the dark to find and turn off the alarm, you get a short boost of exercise that will hopefully keep you moving.

Stop using alarm clocks.
If you follow step 1 religiously, your consistent sleep schedule will actually allow you to wake effortlessly, without the need for an alarm clock.

Drink a cup of water before bed.
One cup of water will get you up in the morning. By the time you head to the bathroom and back, you will feel less in need of more sleep.

Get passionate.
If you are motivated, you will have a desire to wake up with a positive energy. A personal passion or interest will get you in a positive mood, ready to tackle the day. Find the activity that lights a fire under you and sleep will become a secondary endeavour.

Eat healthy.
Healthy eating has the benefits of improving your sleep. Your digestive system will thank you and leave you with a peaceful sleep if you go to bed with a stomach free of toxins, like sugary foods. Your brain function will be sharper and more focused when fed the right nutrients. Can’t say enough about this one.

Next time you prepare for bed, give these tips a try and let me know what works best for you.