10 Tips to Hire the Best Freelancer

Choose the best person for the job, not the cheapest.

Freelancing is expected to grow to 50% of the workforce by the year 2020. Traditional jobs as we know them are changing.

If you are in need of assistance in any area, you might need to look at freelancing for your next hire.

In addition to cutting down on your recruiting and benefits costs, a freelancer provides you with the value of a specialist – someone who really knows what you need.

In the marketing niche, this is incredibly valuable, as we have so many subsets of marketing which simply cannot be handled successfully by one person anymore.

I did a test to see what would happen if I employed a low-cost freelancer to do some of my project work on eBook promotions. Needless to say, the outcome was not at the same level of quality compared to a more experienced freelancer.

Just like traditional recruiting, it is important to do your due diligence before choosing that next candidate.

Since freelancing is growing in popularity, I thought I’d share 10 tips for hiring your next freelancer here:

Review their profile.
Going with a freelancer before checking out their profile is a recipe for disaster. See if their profile meets your company’s standards.

Google the freelancer’s name to see what comes up.
Similar to reviewing their profile, Google the freelancer’s name to see if there are any bad reviews on their work or if their professionalism is questionable. You want a hard worker to do the job, not a party animal – unless that’s your team culture.

Check for results and numbers.
Many freelancers take the copy/paste approach with their work, but when the time comes to do the real job, this is absolutely a red flag. The best freelancers have relevant numbers to back up their successes.

Ask the freelancer how they can make your company better.
It is important to ask qualifying questions to learn whether there’s a fit with the candidate. If the freelancer is a rockstar, they’ll have plenty of ideas to make your business thrive.

Beware of the language barrier.
If you’re planning to hire a freelancer who claims to be fluent in your native language but lives overseas, ask for writing samples. When you’re working with a freelancer, proper communication is critical for project success.

Determine whether the freelancer is a generalist or specialist.
Top freelancers choose one area and master it. Their profile clearly indicates what they specialize in. When you come across a freelancer who promises they can do everything for you, it’s likely to be too good to be true.

Ask for multiple quotes.
Don’t just choose the first freelancer who sends you a proposal. Source multiple candidates to get an idea for the average cost of the project. Some people who are under-qualified will try to trick you by quoting too high for a simple task.

Ask for a Skype call.
Don’t be shy, get acquainted with the potential hire via video chat to ensure you’re making the right decision.

Ask more questions.
How many years have they been doing what they’re doing? Why do they enjoy what they’re doing? When can they complete the project? What are other results you should know about? Why are they interested in working with you? If any red flags come up with their answers, keep searching.

Never agree to 100% payments up-front.
This seems like a given, but a few clients will gladly pay for the entire project without a single result in return. Negotiate to pay 50% or less up-front, with the remainder paid if project milestones are completed, on time.

These are just a few of the tips to watch out for when finding the best freelancer for your next project. You’ll find the recruiting process to be quite familiar if you’ve hired for positions before. I hope these points will help you become successful in finding your next freelancer addition.

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