Experiences Are Everything


As I partake in a fitness challenge for 2018 (Half Tough Mudder), there are some fun knowledge bites I’ve come across as a marketer.

The main one is that experiences are everything.

If we want to sell a product, we shouldn’t be selling anything. We should be delivering instead – delivering experiences that matter.

Look at every top brand. They deliver fantastic experiences to the world, 24/7.

Disney with happiness.
Tesla with innovation.
Google with search technology.

If we want to really succeed today, we need to take a step back and think how we’re communicating with potential customers.

I come across countless examples of the classic pushy salesperson tactic, but I don’t think that will get anyone far these days.

People want to feel good about their purchase decisions, not deceived or lied to.

With a nice experience, people will feel much better about their choices. Less returns. Less buyer’s remorse. Less headaches.

This is why I believe experiences are everything, especially if you want to solve problems rather than create them.

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