Funny Chat with Bluehost Web Hosting


This is my funny live chat conversation with Bluehost (web hosting and domains company).


Thank you to Anupam for being a good sport.

It wasn’t supposed to turn out this way. I just wanted a better price. Then I found the back-and-forth communication to be quite humourous. I decided to screen record the conversation.

Website hosting is primarily dominated by Newfold Digital (formerly Endurance International Group (EIG) and BizLand), an IT services company specializing in this field.

Most web host providers are bought out or owned by this parent/umbrella company, then stripped down into a completely different business. Good web host providers are few and far between after Newfold intervenes. After all, they have the resources to do so.

I would say the service experience with a Newfold company is shotty at best, and the pricing is all over the map for similar offerings. What one person pays, another might be paying three or four times the amount at a sister company.

I hope this silly conversation not only highlights the concerns around website setups for the average consumer, but also the need for a better consumer solution or government regulation.

When a company dominates the world, it is their duty to act ethically. At least you would think.

Thank you for watching! Hope you enjoyed it.

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