Writing, Drawing and Publishing Children’s Books

I spent one month going on a creative rampage. I wrote and illustrated nine children’s books. You can buy one below. This was a lesson in taking action and removing barriers to experimentation.

To create the books I used Google Drawings on a Chromebook exclusively. I manipulated shapes to craft my stories. Any simple drawing program will work. Don’t let the tool get in the way of the creation.

When it came time to publishing I wanted to make my books accessible to all. Instead of traditionally using Amazon and locking the format down, I published the books as PDFs and set up PayPal links to make the purchase path seamless and familiar. I feel that PayPal is a quick, secure way to sell an item, without all the royalties you’d typically pay Amazon for publishing.

Anyone can create something if they put their minds to it. What will you create next?

Enjoy on any device for $8.99.

Two Giraffes
Join two young giraffes as they form a friendship, fall in love, and battle a major obstacle: the parents!

Check out this unique, simple story on stairs. It will open your imagination to what is possible in life.

Geronimo the Giraffe
Geronimo the Giraffe is a tale about being fearless. Join Geronimo as he learns to deal with mental barriers.

I Think.
Learn what’s on Trev’s mind with this wordy story about overthinking. I think you might like it!

I Want To Be a Child
It’s never too early to think about what you want to be when you grow up. This book shows you the options.

The Dark I
A unique picture book without words, use your imagination to guess what the shapes are before your friends!

The Dark II
The sequel to the popular Dark book! Guess these objects as they appear and discover the unique art at the end!

The Dark III
The third book in the Dark series, guess this holiday surprise as objects appear (we’ve already said too much!)

Big Benny
Big Benny is a story about…Big Benny! Enjoy this humorous take on health with a powerful message at the end.

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