10 Best Ways to Be Useful in Life

When you’re lost or feeling useless, it’s often hard to move forward in life. No matter what you do, you always feel like you’re stuck, running around in an endless circle. Here are 10 ways to slowly turn things around and become useful in life:

1. Solve problems.

Start observing the world around you. Are there things that bug you? Try coming up with solutions to fix them. By putting the world in a better place than yesterday, you will feel more fulfilled. Even if the solution is small, any improvement is better than none.

2. Give > take.

If you live in the Western world, you might be influenced by consumerist culture. We love over-consumption. But does it make us feel better? For a change, try giving rather than taking today. Give with your time if you have no money to give. You might just feel like you contributed something for once.

3. Be nice to people.

We are so wrapped up in our thoughts and feelings that we forget to be nice to others. No matter your mood, treat people as you would like to be treated – likely with kindness and respect.

4. Encourage others.

Maybe you notice someone struggling during your daily routine. Help and encourage them. Make them feel like they can do it. This is especially useful among teams in sports and business. Your team is only as good as your worst-performing player. Constantly strive to raise everyone up.

5. Master something.

Figure out how you can be the very best at one thing. Get obsessed with it and see how you progress over time. Learn from the best to become the best.

6. Be happy.

You can actually make yourself happy in an instant. Smile. Take a deep breath. Move your shoulders back. Stand tall. Raise your chin in the air. Give more eye contact. Love what you do. Be grateful and thank often. Feeling happier already? Thought so.

7. Take care of your family.

By caring for those you love, you will have improved the relationships that matter most.

8. Learn something daily.

It can be a skill, hobby or anything you’ve always wanted to figure out. By being more knowledgeable, you can teach others what you learn.

9. Be healthy.

Watch your diet and exercise daily. If you figure these two things out, your mind will be clearer and your days will be better.

10. Ask questions and listen.

Improve your conversation skills by asking questions, listening and letting others talk. You might learn a few things along the way.

Give these tips a try to feel a little bit more useful today. Don’t overthink your situation; the biggest steps are often the smallest ones.

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