Privacy Policy

Information I collect on my site
Cookies, page history, links clicked, contact information provided in email forms, payment information.

How I collect information
I use a Mailchimp signup form and Google Analytics to collect contact information and data. The Bluehost server collects details related to website history and cookies. For payments I use PayPal. I have affiliate links in blog posts and pages to earn commissions on products and services. Everything is collected securely on my site using SSL (HTTPS).

Why I collect this information
I’d like to improve the website experience for you. Collecting this data helps to give me what you’re looking for in terms of content and functionality.

* Third-party advertisers like Google Adsense and PayPal may also use cookies and web beacons through my website to serve targeted ads to you. Here are links to the Google Privacy Policy and PayPal Privacy Policy. To ensure a smooth experience, users cannot opt-out of cookie tracking on-site, however there may be browser apps available to serve your security needs.

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