Trevor Carss - Children's Author

Trevor Carss is the author and illustrator of over 80 quirky children’s books.

What’s even more interesting is that he distributes many of these stories as PDF copies, video narrations and audiobooks. Readers can optionally donate on his website or find copies at major eCommerce stores like Amazon.

Trev’s mission is simple: make stories to brighten your day.

He also likes to break the boundaries of how we see books and digital publishing today. With social media, podcasting and branded websites, authors can get more creative with storytelling than ever before.

Trev’s artistic style is minimalist in most of his books. He uses a simple drawing program to design unique characters and ideas, reminiscent of the illustrations from classic reads in the 1960’s and 70’s.

Sometimes the simplest of stories can cut through the clutter and deliver important messages. Trev’s books focus on themes of self-confidence and courage to reflect his personal experiences growing up. Many children and adults who struggle with confidence, anxiety and emotion would resonate with these positive messages.

Trev has a streamlined writing, illustration and launch process. Without traditional publishers, designers and editors, Trev can produce work at a more rapid pace. He makes checklists for everything to simplify or remove repetitive tasks. His rigid structure applies to many processes, from book formatting to website publishing. With structure, he can channel all of his wild creativity into a story.

More recently, Trev has been branching into character merchandise as a way of bringing his stories to life in new ways. By looking at additional approaches to the author brand beyond books, Trev is building a mini media empire of his own.

Merch by Trev

By transforming children’s picture books into audio, video and merchandise, he is expanding his reach across the world. Readers all the way from Brazil to Japan have discovered Trev.

If you are looking to find that creative spark in your life, Trev might be the perfect inspiration for you. His volume of work speaks for itself.

Aside from creating new stories, you can find Trev in his Canadian hometown of Vancouver, BC, swimming, running and eating ice cream (sometimes all at the same time).

Brighten your day with a children’s book by Trev!

Trevor Carss
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