A Life Guide for Millennials

As I lay on my bed, wondering what to do with my life, I realize countless other young twenty-somethings are likely in the same boat as me. It’s time I share my version of a life guide of sorts to help others get unstuck and move towards promoting their passions like me.

Today I am obsessed with the process of online marketing and love the idea of trying to sell products on the Internet.

Wondering what you enjoy in life? Debating between starting that 9-to-5 career or starting a business?

Here’s my millennial life guide in one word, then I’ll expand in detail:


If you have a passion in mind, get started by putting your idea in motion. Grab a website and launch a minimum viable product to see what traction comes of your idea. Too many people are jumping from idea to idea without any patience or dedication to the process. You can do this while working a 9-to-5 job, there are 168 hours in a week to build something special.

Instead of making the process too complicated, I highly suggest making your launch as simple as possible.

Check out my free YouTube video series to learn how to launch any idea in 21 minutes.

It’s really that easy to launch and start promoting your idea, but we often suffer from overanalysis and never move past our internal negative thinking.

What if my idea fails? What about the money to launch my idea?

These are self-limiting beliefs. In reality a failed idea is a successful attempt at moving closer to discovering that RIGHT idea.

Regarding money, you can promote anything with $0. All it takes is hustle. Since you’re a millennial, all you’ve got is time to hustle.

No more self-limiting beliefs. You have the potential to make something great.

Now that we’ve gotten your business launch out of the way, I want to tackle health with you. Let’s start with nutrition.

There are lists upon lists of diet programs out there. Problem is, nutrition is a relatively new field of study and it can be difficult to navigate the waters of eating right. I can only speak to a few life eating tips that are proven with facts:

– Reduce or eliminate refined sugar. Refined sugar is bad for you.
– Aim to eat at least 50% vegetables. Your mom was right.
– Drink water over soda (that sugar again).
– Eat everything else in moderation.
– Listen to your body.

That’s it. I’ve tried many diets, from vegan to paleo, and find that any healthy food is fuel. If a diet helps with your discipline, choose one with your doctor’s advice.

That being said, you’re young and you should enjoy yourself without feeling too guilty. I find those feelings of guilt are more harmful than eating something unhealthy once in a blue moon. Don’t beat yourself up as long as you’re staying on track.

Let’s talk exercise. I actually do not enjoy exercise, but I do it anyways. Try finding some activities you’d enjoy. I’ve been getting into yoga and triathlons and it’s helped keep me in shape.

On relationships, I started dating with an online app. By spending a few minutes a day connecting with others, I managed to find a girlfriend whom I can spend my time with. Love definitely enhances your life and I highly recommend finding that special someone.

For finance, the best way to save money is to have an automation practice where a portion of your earnings are sent to a separate investment account – not your easy-to-access savings. Read more about my financial tips here.

Grab a mentor, online or offline, to help you grow. If you’re on LinkedIn, it’s easy to connect with someone above you who could help you on your journey. YouTube is another way to watch and learn from others. Try not to become too envious of other successes, it’s best to be humble and respect where you’re at in life.

Everyone starts from somewhere. The question is, when will you start?

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