Amp It #2: Local


Start local, gain feedback and iterate. Everyone loves a hometown story.

Make a list of all the newspaper publications in your area. Send emails to editors to request that your story be mentioned. Keep emailing for responses. You might need to reach out to 20-30 editors before you get one response.

Make it easier by giving them actual content and images upfront. Tell your hometown story. Thousands of people who identify with your story will check you out afterwards. Have a link to your website and bio written in.

Get to the point, start the dialogue, get involved with the editors. The better the story you create, the greater your chances of converting readers to buyers. To track newspaper success, offer a unique promo code or gift within the article if someone mentions the newspaper to you.

Once again, this is free to start reaching out to newspapers. Instead of advertising, you are creating content for them – that is a great way to market your business cost-effectively and organically.

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