Are you an awesome parent?

My parents genuinely love their three boys.

They gave us the flexibility to be kids when we were kids.

I’ve had my fair share of messy mistakes growing up. My parents supported every misstep, both big and small.

From my observations spanning nearly 29 years, I feel obliged to share my ideas for what an awesome parent would be like. Maybe these ideas will help you:

Awesome parents unconditionally love their kids.
Awesome parents support and foster their kids’ interests.
Awesome parents know how to resolve screams and tantrums with reasoning.
Awesome parents ignore promises of being good in exchange for sugar.
Awesome parents hug their kids often.
Awesome parents are authoritative.
Awesome parents are not strict dictators.
Awesome parents are not passive.
Awesome parents make adventures out of boring circumstances.
Awesome parents do not abuse their kids in any way.
Awesome parents encourage their kids to love any weather, rain or shine.
Awesome parents offer life advice without being too biased.
Awesome parents do not make excuses for being a bad parent.
Awesome parents smile often.
Awesome parents have kids who smile often.
Awesome parents love each other and show it appropriately.
Awesome parents do not unnecessarily drug their kids.
Awesome parents do not force their kids to do anything.
Awesome parents educate their kids and let them make decisions for themselves.
Awesome parents share parental responsibilities.
Awesome parents do not give out computers to distract their kids at dinner.
Awesome parents have deep conversations with their kids.

None of this is set in stone, especially when it’s coming from an adult who’s never parented before (I hope my time will come soon). At the end of the day, you get to decide whether your parenting skills are amazing or not. I am a child at heart and wanted to let you know why I have awesome parents.

I personally hope you are an awesome parent too.

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