#AskTrev 8 – Email Lists


Email list-building is one of the greatest ways to build an online business presence. By focusing on capturing email subscribers on your website and social media, you increase the opportunities to nurture and sell to your prospects.

You can approach email list-building with organic, helpful content on your website (i.e., blog articles, videos, podcasts) or using paid techniques (Facebook / Google Ads, trade show investments).

Focus on the approach that works best for you.

By being helpful towards your niche, you will be more likely to gain the trust of a potential customer. Give away plenty of valuable content for free and people will follow you for life. You need a hook to entice someone to give up their email.

Consider these questions to help you build out your list-building strategy:
What content have you created that can be re-purposed for list-building?
Where are your potential fans hanging out?
What problems can you solve if someone joins your list?

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