Being a People Pleaser is Good

I truly believe that being a people pleaser is the way to live. After all of my years in the corporate world, I only ever moved my life forward by helping others. When I stopped helping others, my life crumbled. Less fulfillment comes from only serving yourself.

When it comes to being a people pleaser, more time is taken away from your common tasks to help others. I would suggest giving others timelines. Try to prioritize important tasks first, and let others know it might take you some time before you can help them. Either they will wait, or they will handle the task themselves. At the very least, you are communicating your situation, which they will respect, knowing the type of awesome person you are.

If you decide not to please others, you are essentially saying that you only want to do things that help yourself. I’ve done this before, working alone in a silo and never talking to anyone. Although the appeal to work alone is more common than ever before, no one will ever understand the fruits of your labour. You have to involve people into your situation. Only then will you be truly noticed.

To our brown-nosers and goodie two shoes, keep doing what you are doing. Only the negative Nancy folks will try to get in your way. But wouldn’t you rather please people instead of disappointing them? Food for thought.

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