Blogs Are Changing

Blogging has become a fascinating evolution over the past few years. What we think of as the blog has completely changed.

Today, Instagram can be your blogging ground. Write a 300-word caption under your image post to tell a meaningful story about it. Use this caption strategy daily to grow a following there.

Platforms like Quora and Medium can be your blogging ground, as Google search seems to favour content on these websites more highly than the standard blog post on your website. It makes sense – Quora and Medium are extremely popular sites these days.

With the standard blog post on your website, we might throw in an embedded YouTube video or podcast episode to jazz the content up a bit. The times have changed.

Guest blog outreach? It’s still a thing. Write content for top bloggers to gain their traffic share. You might receive hundreds to thousands of rejections, just for one accepted writing contribution (that’s why I focus on Quora…little to no rejections).

Fellow marketers might say writing on other websites and writing on their website are the two main ways to get sustainable, long-term traffic. Logically, that makes sense. Alternatively, you could spend ad dollars and hope biters stick.

I’d rather have chompers.

For content inspiration, you can answer questions from people around the world (Facebook Groups, Quora, Reddit). Do what I do and save your answers on a Google Doc for re-posting on other sites. Or you can gather all the content you created and curate yourself an eBook. That’s efficient content marketing. Coincidentally, this article was inspired by a question I received. The content creation process became easier with that extra little nudge.

Share what you know. Share what you learn. Each approach might contain a unique story about yourself and your business. A story worth hearing.

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