Book Launch: 100

100 Marketing Quotes

I am excited to be freely sharing my new business book called 100: Motivational Quotes About Marketing.

You can grab all of my quotes in this post.

These quotes will inspire you to succeed in business, marketing and life.

They are my thoughts, but I must thank countless business mentors for inspiring me to help others promote their passions. Without their support, I could never have written these quotes alone:

Marketing is storytelling. What story are you telling today?

Wake up early and have a morning ritual to get stuff done.

If you are as lost as I was, get moving. Nothing will make you feel better.

I try to exercise every day. Even 20 pushups is a good day.

When you wake up, make your bed. That’s a successful start to your day.

You have to experiment to figure out what works best.

The world will call you crazy. That’s when you’re on the right track.

Don’t settle for good. Be great.

I fail so much I’m addicted.

Social media is great. Remember there are people too.

Focus on 2 or 3 social media accounts. Master them.

Here’s how to get free web traffic: Guest post.

Focus on one thing. Make it successful. Move to the next.

Success in 33 steps: Passion. Work Ethic. Persistence. Non-conformity. Cleverness. Manipulation. Creativity. Technique. Excellence. Vision. Leadership. Intuition. Decisiveness. Calmness. Listening. Hustle. Dedication. Money-Last-Mindset. Focus. Ambition. Action. Opinion. Spine. Optimism. Courage. Learning. Sacrifice. Self-Motivation. Long-Term Thinking. Pragmatism. Work-Independence. Humility. Strategy-Orientation.

Learn sales. You will need to sell yourself every day.

Look up and smile. A permanent smile goes places.

Ask questions. Be wrong often.

If you want a following: Give away free stuff. Books. Courses. Cars. Houses.

A great team culture will promote your company for you.

Consistency is key. Be consistently great.

Brand = emotion. How do people feel about you?

Reviews will make or break you. Deal with the negative ones quickly.

Wow your customer. Their lifetime value is everything.

If you like to create, start now.

Creativity doesn’t need bells and whistles.

The “hole in the wall” is excellent traditional marketing.

You might have to tell a thousand people before one person notices you.

Helvetica Neue is still the best font ever.

A logo should be simple. You only have three seconds to say hi.

Marketing should show your struggles. Don’t hide vulnerabilities.

Spend 7-9% of your revenues on marketing. More if you want to grow.

A pop-up is to marketing what Justin Bieber is to music: annoying but successful.

There is no such thing as work-life balance, just life.

When you can’t have something, you want it more. Exclusivity.

The sales funnel is like dating. Woo until you’ve tied the knot. Be the best by wooing until death.

The best salespeople never sell.

What is unique about you? That is the million dollar question.

Here’s a blank cheque. What would you do with your life?

Entrepreneurship is hard. Do it in your spare time.

Spend on learning and experiences. Skip on materialism.

Being a child when you grow up is not a bad idea.

Most marketing fails. Most marketers must love failure.

Advertising: set a low budget. Spend more if you see success.

A faster website will increase your sales.

Nurture your fans to buy more. Solve their problems.

Don’t pretend to know what fans want. Ask them.

It’s a one in 700 quintillion chance of being born. Miracle children unite.

While you’re young, go where the fun is. Start something. Build something.
Make mistakes. Hustle.

Life is too short to live with regret. Do something you’re passionate about.

If you’re a writer, write for yourself. I’d buy that story.

Kids don’t live by rules. Adults shouldn’t either.

Average is no way to live. Be better than average.

I will not use ugly things. Make your product beautiful.

The best marketers listen.

The best marketers use data.

Red is my favourite colour. In case you wondered.

Successful marketing can be boring. That’s how a brand is top-of-mind.

Someone needs to rethink school. It’s broken. Who loves to read textbooks for fun? Not me.

Focus on giving valuable solutions instead of getting a job. You will be the most respected person in your class.

Business is like dating. Provide the best experiences to win her over. It might take 1000 rejections to get that first sale. Learn to love rejection.

If you have an email list of 1000 fans, you have a lifelong business.

Don’t quit your job until you have your second thing figured out.

To determine which passion to choose, flip a coin with heads and tails. You’ll make your decision while the coin is in the air.

Make your website fast. Then people will stick around.

To silence the critics, make sure your Google Reviews are better than 4.3/5. You should be better than A average.

I love acting like a kid. No rules. Most adults should live this way.

Take the tools you have and just create.

I love marketing and hate spending. I know, something is off.

Experience is irrelevant when industries like mine evolve daily.

If you can’t afford an education, spend the next six months as an understudy for your idol.

You can buy advertising but that doesn’t buy you fans. Connection does.

If your competitor has a lineup, ask the owner how they did it. Don’t pretend to know all the answers.

Self-marketing tip: Don’t talk about yourself. Get others to talk.

When I’m unhappy, I run. Always move forward.

Average people dream. Awesome people do.

Turn your phone off at the dinner table. The best chats take place in-person.

You have to open doors for people to open doors for you.

Go out of your way to wow. You will be remembered forever.

Starting a company is hard. So is getting a job. What’ll make you happier?

It takes four years of college to get a corporate job. It takes one day to start your dream business. What would you choose?

What would you write on your gravestone?

I own less than 300 items to allow more time to help others and less time to trip over toys.

There are a lot of things I hate doing but I get out of bed and do them anyways.

I might spend an entire day choosing what shade of red to use. #AttentionToDetail

You’re not disadvantaged because you’re advantaged enough to read this.

Your website must be mobile-friendly. No excuses here.

One day phones will be extinct. Who will be the next innovator?

There should be diplomas in Failing.

Build something meaningful. Something that solves a problem.

The quality of your community is the greatest indicator of your success.

Be like Disney and create an experience that speaks for itself.

Simplicity cuts through the noise.

Watching TV is the #1 best way to accomplish nothing.

Successful people still know how to spend time with their families.

First job:
I was a newspaper boy at age seven. When the snow fell I would use my toboggan to finish the work.

No one else is going to grind for you.

When you’re alone by yourself, it’s best to remember that you are lucky to be where you are and have what you have.

There’s a child in Africa who walks 50 miles a day to find water for his family. And you’re complaining about what?

There are hundreds of reasons to start. So start.

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