Business school teaches you how to work in a business not start one. Why?

My answer to Business school teaches you how to work in a business not start one. Why?

Answer by Trevor Carss:

Business school is a production facility with one goal: to churn out workers who can work in a corporation and follow rules. Starting a business is not a priority for governments and educational institutions due to the lack of desire to innovate and develop student passions. We must take it into our own hands.

If you have a business you’d like to start, start now. There are more resources on the Internet now and that means there are no excuses. Forget school because what you will learn in a year of business will far exceed the type of structured learning at any school program.

I chose to go to business school and know what it’s like to be miserable, stressed and full of exam-anxiety for four years. However, the real life post-secondary is not a midterm or exam. It’s a continuous learning process. There is no structure outside the 9–5. You choose what you do in the evenings and weekends. Your next job will likely never have an exam, yet we take exams in school to see what we know in the short-term.

Today I work harder than ever before and I absolutely love every moment. I have found few fulfilled students, students who love what they do. Probably because there are no students who love exams as a passion.

If schools want to innovate, they should teach students how to work on projects. Teach students how to fail happily. There should be no exams with letter grades. Encourage success by encouraging passion.

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