25 Ways to Expand Your Comfort Zone

Originally an eBook, I decided it would be advantageous to freely share this incredibly valuable resource I’ve created for you to help you overcome discomfort and shyness.

If you are a live human and not a robot, you will find this guide beneficial for you.

We all face uncomfortable obstacles on a daily basis. It can be related to our work, relationships, finance, business, you name it, we’ve felt the butterflies.

Here I am going to share 25 ways to expand your comfort zone and overcome challenging obstacles:

  1. Put your hand up and ask your superior to clarify something.
  2. Take part in a club locally via meetup.com.
  3. Ask to be the leader on your team’s next project.
  4. Go to the mall and tell a cashier they look pretty/handsome (warm-up: say hello and smile to the cashier).
  5. Start a passion project that pushes your skill level.
  6. Go to the next local event on eventbrite.com.
  7. Speak in front of your friends, team or customers.
  8. Wear mismatched socks.
  9. Compliment five different people on their clothing in one day.
  10. Talk to your stranger-neighbour (next door, on a train, etc.).
  11. Try something you’ve never tried each Saturday.
  12. Turn off your electronics for 24 hours.
  13. Find 3 opposite-sex friends to learn socially from a fresh perspective.
  14. Walk around the block and say hello to everyone you meet.
  15. Hike a trail.
  16. Reach out to 3 Facebook friends you haven’t chatted with for over a year. Script: hey John, it’s been awhile, wondered if you wanted to catch up at a local Starbucks?
  17. Travel to a new place (nearby or country).
  18. Give critical feedback.
  19. Change your story (I am Negative Nancy to I am Nice Nancy…Timid Trev to Triumphant Trev).
  20. Change your mindset (can’t to can, won’t to want).
  21. Ask for a raise (list all the reasons why you are valuable).
  22. Start saying yes to every invite.
  23. Network with a support peer.
  24. Grab an accountability partner to accomplish a goal or break a habit in 30 days.
  25. Immerse yourself into groups to get away from the computer.
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