Handling Vision Loss

I have been blind in my left eye since the age of seven. Several surgeries to repair the detached retina were unsuccessful. Here is what I can tell you based on my life:


My brain appears to be normal. I went to school, got a degree and succeeded in the corporate world. The eye had no effect on my brain that I can tell. From a visibility perspective, my peripherals are weaker without the sight of an extra eye to my left. When driving, I have to be extra careful with left shoulder checks. That being said, my remaining eye appears to have gained more peripheral vision from the brain once losing the other. I cannot definitively remember how my peripherals compared pre- and post-vision loss.


I was quite antisocial before losing my eye. I still am. I don’t think my personality was affected in any way. I might be kinder towards disabled people, but I was always kind to others before the vision loss.


I used to be conscious about my looks because my left eye looked different. I would look away if someone looked directly at me. I would wear a prosthetic shell to hide my cosmetic flaws. Once my late twenties rolled around, I became more confident in my eye contact with others, even without the prosthesis. You begin to accept yourself as you are. All other behaviors appear to be normal compared to the average person.


My self-confidence likely took the biggest hit. There are just some things I cannot do without the risk of losing all of my eyesight. I always had to be careful with team sports because a blow to my head could tear my only remaining retina. Now I do running, swimming and cycling – all doctor-approved. I don’t get any envious thoughts about someone having two functional eyes, not for one second. Overall, my thinking is positive regarding my situation.


I lead a normal life like anyone else. I have to be careful when driving at night. I have to be cautious. I have to take care of myself. Having only one eye doesn’t seem to make things more challenging; in fact, I think it motivates me to achieve more.

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