How I Got 1,000 YouTube Views for 1 Video in 6 Hours…Doing Nothing



Here is how I got 1,000 YouTube views for 1 video in 6 hours…doing nothing.


  • suggested videos (video was shared by YouTube across major video end screens – cocomelon, baby shark, pinkfong…surprising considering none of my videos are classified as ‘made for kids’)
  • timely (santa doodle around christmas time)
  • succinct content (vid was to-the-point, exactly what title described)
  • Unique hook – not just the usual Santa doodle – it was a thin Santa (enough of a difference for people to click through compared to more common vids)
  • Thumbnail showed a sneak peek, but not everything (Santa’s head, had to click for the body)
  • Average view duration was just OK (~%24 of vid), probably enough to gain traction
  • Only 2 likes, nothing earth-shattering there
  • Did no shares across any of my social media accounts (just an upload to YouTube)
  • Perhaps because it was published at a time when not many videos are published (close to Christmas holiday), I gained notice there
  • This is the first time I’ve had 1,000 views in a day, let alone a month, for one vid
  • My subscriber count (277 subs) definitely did not play a factor
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