How To Hustle Harder With These 5 Habit Hacks

The hustler’s life can be quite the exhausting grind – long hours, endless stress, you name it. To help you push through and handle any obstacle, here are five daily habits to optimize your entrepreneurial routine.

1. Wake up one hour earlier.
An extra 365 hours a year can allow you to accomplish more in a day. Forego sleeping in by improving your sleep quality. Get to bed at the same time every day to allow your body to get used to a proper sleep schedule.

2. Exercise 30 minutes per day.
A daily fitness routine is scientifically proven to reduce stress, depression and boost energy. This is the one habit that can single-handedly change your life. Try yoga, walking or hourly plank / pushup breaks to implement exercise throughout your day.

3. Meditate 20 minutes per day.
Sit still in a chair and calm your mind daily to get focused on what you want. Taking a break from the hustle can actually help you push harder, smarter, for longer.

4. Provide value to at least one new social relationship per day.
To get new customers, you need to build relationships daily, either via networking or social media. Make the effort to connect more by offering value without any return expectations.

5. Eat healthier.
If you can adopt a diet primarily consisting of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts and grains, you will see a massive positive impact on your entire body. Start by reducing or eliminating your bread intake. Then consider reducing your intake of sugary drinks – I only drink water and cashew milk to combat obesity.

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