If You Can’t Choose a Niche Business, Choose Everything

More today than ever before, people are taking on multiple roles and multiple interests. It’s not enough if you’re just an Influencer, trying to get by. You may also need (and want) to take on the role of entrepreneur, author and apparel brand ambassador.

Finding your niche business, although I’d highly recommend it, is not necessary at the beginning, when you’re figuring things out. At the beginning, I’d suggest trying things that stick, things that truly interest you.

Choose everything.

From there, you can start to narrow down your focus. Maybe you don’t want to be the cameraman anymore because directing and acting are more interesting, or vice versa. You’ll only know if you choose to try everything.

Don’t call it a business yet. Call it an experiment. Dabble in as much variety as you see fit, until you can start saying no to the uninteresting things.

At the heart of this experimentation is where you will truly find what you love to do, and have no problems talking about it with the world.

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