It’s been awhile..


It’s been awhile..


I haven’t really felt like making videos. Just wasn’t interesting to me on a personal level. But maybe the things that bother me in life are the things I should be recording.

I want to make my videos more authentic, more raw, and more honest. I want people to connect with me, resonate with what is being shared. I want people to feel better about themselves.

I’m not going to make any promises, because they might have to be broken, but I want to keep going with this. I’ll find hard topics and put them to light.

Chances are, at least one other person feels what I feel.

Do you ever just not want to create? Not want to do something? Exactly. The artist’s struggle. Let’s talk about things like that.

Being in marketing, I am supposed to advise you that once every 6 months is not exactly a solid content creation rhythm to build your personal brand. You have to aim for 3, 4, 5x per week of content, at a minimum.

Well, sometimes people take vacations. People take hiatuses. Let’s not guilt someone into creating content.

Now luckily, since I have just a small loyal following, I can disappear completely without a problem. Imagine the celebrities of the world, who always have to be available to their fans.

They should be able to take breaks too without penalty.

Topics to discuss:
I’ll see about posting my thoughts more often.
Create stuff on weekends. Schedule for weeknights.
After all, my weekends can always be more productive.
I’ll attempt to talk about hard stuff. More about loneliness. More about minimalism. More about dark thoughts. More of what is in my mind. It could be in your mind too.

A few years ago, I made a video about becoming a recluse; yes, this was once upon a time, you may remember it. It happened to resonate with many people. People started sharing their stories in the comments of how they’ve been alone in the world. It took people courage to share their stories, and I thank them for that. Maybe some people were touched by what I shared. Maybe I inspired or invoked some positivity in someone’s life. That is what makes me excited to create, to make. To see a video benefit someone is truly special.

So without further ado, yes, it’s been awhile.. I’m looking forward to connecting with you all again soon. I hope the next video, topic, or idea changes you in a positive way. If not, that’s okay too.

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