I have the idea for a contemporary movie script.

Imagine a first-person view of a lonely, young adult and his struggles with the real world after graduation.

I bet a good majority, maybe even the entire majority, would identify with this struggle.

How many people actually know where they’re going after graduation? How many struggle to find the answers?

This idea isn’t just for the movies – it’s for real life.

When you have structure (i.e., school) removed from your daily routine, you have two choices.

Choice #1: fill it up with a new structure.
Choice #2: fill it up with chaos.

Some might say there’s a third choice: fill it up with nothing.

But I feel nothing is equal to chaos.

Nothing is lonely. Nothing is depressing.

What are you doing to fill your day with new structures?

Figure out what those structures are and implement them.

Avoid drowning in too much chaos. A little is alright. Too much is dangerous.

I’ve experienced my share of chaotic moments to know that structure is preferable to chaos.

Life becomes easier. Life becomes smoother. Things flow better.

Don’t let your life stagnate like the young adult in the movie script. Make choices and regain control of your situation.

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