Make Your 9-to-5 Job Enjoyable

It seems many people want to escape their 9-to-5 jobs, but that might be the wrong way of looking at things. Instead, we should figure out how to make it enjoyable.

Building an entrepreneurial venture can take months, even years. In the meantime, I would do everything you can to make your time at work easier to tolerate.

Those who feel sad about their jobs should look to take on new responsibilities. Chances are, you’re doing something that feels stagnant right now. A change in routine can be exactly what you need. If a new project comes up, take initiative and see if you can lead the team for implementation. It will feel good to make a bigger impact in your company.

Set goals. You’re not enjoying your job because you’re not progressing the way you want. Take ownership of your progression and accomplish your set objectives. Seeing your growth will improve your mindset.

Eat lunch with others, instead of at your desk. Work can be socially isolating. This is why you should take every opportunity to connect with others when breaks are permitted. The constant go-go-go can be draining.

Change jobs. If you’re trying to make it right and things still feel off afterwards, it’s time to consider making a transition to a company that provides more meaning to you. You are doing yourself and your employer a favour by making this change. No one wants an employee with a glass-half-empty mentality. Plus a change in scenery might be just the solution you need.

I’ve talked about the 9-to-5 job in previous posts, and have always encouraged the world to find work they love. Life is too short to be doing otherwise.

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