Marketing Major, Yay or Nay?


Is a marketing degree necessary? I go in-depth on the pros and cons here:

Here are some notes from the video:

Marketing Major, Yay or Nay? This question will dictate your entire business career. Is getting a college marketing degree right for you? Let’s find out.

Getting a marketing degree from school is right for you if:

Yes, you want to work for someone. No, if you want to be your own boss right now, or want to save cash.

Cost is anywhere from $25,000 Canadian to $200,000+ if you’re doing something like ivy league in the USA.

Recommendation that no one will take:

Talk to every school that you are thinking of applying to. See if their marketing program interests you. Ask to sit in on a class during your last year of high school. Talk to the professors about the curriculum post-lecture. This will save you thousands and thousands of dollars. Schools want you to attend school and dance around with different classes. Be proactive. Many won’t listen to me here, which is why student debt is so high.

There might be a fear of missing out, FOMO, if you decide to skip university. Ignore it. Examine the program and see if your heart connects with it. Do not make anymore decisions based on what your friends are doing. You will likely both end up in different classes, it happened to me.

Science, technology, engineering, mathematics comparison:

In comparison to the STEM fields (where a degree is super required to be an engineer), any other degree might not be entirely necessary if you replace it with experience. In comparison to arts, marketing is a way better approach career-wise for your corporate future, with the exception being Psychology.

School year breakdowns:

1st year – elective binge (ideal to know roughly where you’re going as courses can be tough to register for)
2nd year – more electives
3rd year – choose your adventure (important, learn what area of marketing interests you – advertising and public relations, marketing research, consumer behaviour, social, content…I never learned about online marketing, video marketing or affiliate marketing in school…)
4th year – home stretch, fun year
5th year – overflow if you slacked during the summer or couldn’t get into a filled class.

Ivy league vs. university vs. community college:

I found the education material to be similar across the board. Some of the better teachers were actually at colleges!

Multi-location schools are best, especially for registration.

Transferring credits to other schools is not easy.

Practical alternatives to marketing education:

Google analytics certification, facebook blueprint, working on local startups as intern, taking over social media feeds or handling your own, interviewing CMO’s, other marketers for knowledge gain, attending top marketing conferences and rubbing shoulders.

Marketing MBA:

Great for people who already have a degree in something else, like engineering, and want to make the switch. Material is more practical and hands-on, but a lot replicates a marketing bachelor’s or undergraduate degree.


Degree is a sign of discipline and perseverance more than anything. Your alternative is to be disciplined and persevering in your life, and build something. Some people need the structure of school education to live life. That’s okay. Learn as much as you can and connect with others in your field while attending.

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