My First $1,000 Freelance Project

The freelance life is not easy. It’s a grind. Many people give up before they get started.

Instead of fighting for one job, you are constantly fighting for many. You have to be a salesperson everyday, essentially running a business that is you.

Sometimes payments get delayed.
Or you don’t receive payments.
The client is angry with you.
The project is beyond your scope of expertise but you go for it anyway and fall on your face.

Why do we freelance? Is it the challenge of competing that lures us in? Is it the best alternative to working 9-to-5 jobs? Is it the gap between unemployment and a full-time gig?

Something about freelancing lures me in and I haven’t quite figured out what that something is.

When I secured my first $1,000 contract on Upwork, I definitely felt this level of accomplishment I hadn’t felt since graduating from university. That $1,000, although a small sum to be ecstatic about, was validity that what I’ve been building thus far has finally worked. It was momentum and encouragement for me to continue and push through to see what I could accomplish.

If anyone is looking to be their own boss, freelancing is that great first step towards entrepreneurship.

Now you can set up an Upwork profile and show off your skills instantly. Of course, it takes time to get noticed. Once you do, celebrate that moment. Use it as fuel for the fire.

Research tells us that half of the world will be freelancers by 2020. The world has shifted towards project work instead of salary work. Our specialized needs have grown more specialized and one person can’t do it all as a generalist.

We must adapt and become comfortable with the grind that is upon us. If no one is offering that full-time job you desire, how will you adapt to the work world? Schools do not teach Freelancing 101 as a specialty. There is no degree in it, just as there is no degree in life optimization or flipping items on Craigslist.

How are we preparing ourselves and future generations for success? We need to solve that dilemma.

The answer really lies in taking responsibility for our own individual lives. I don’t think it’s wise to depend on the governments for a radical change. We have to take on the radical change ourselves.

Maybe you’re now thinking ahead, wondering how you can get to that first $1,000 contract on the way to a successful freelancing career. That’s a great start.

Here is a free video tutorial to help you optimize your Upwork freelance profile. I’ve included the exact script I use in the video description, which you may tweak for your personal use.

I hope this video helps to set you up for success when you’re promoting your skills and services. Maybe it’ll even land you that $1,000 contract. If you think someone might find the video useful, I’d be so grateful if you shared it with them. Best of luck on your freelancing journey.

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