Oristand: a true standing desk hack

As a follow-up to my last post on Oristand, the cardboard platform that can easily turn any desk into a standing version, here are my impressions, good and bad, after two weeks of use in the office. Do I recommend switching to the standing life? Let’s find out if it’s right for you.


If you move around a lot, you’re better off standing. I find myself grabbing water every hour and heading to meetings throughout the day. The Oristand encourages me to freely walk around and keep up my activity. If I’m sitting, I would be less inclined to get up and drink enough water.


For some reason, I am typing faster while standing. The positioning of the Oristand is such that my arms are resting more heavily compared to if I were sitting. While standing, the blood seems to be traveling to my fingertips quicker, keeping my digits nimble. As a result, my productivity is certainly improved from a typing perspective. This could be psychological, but I just feel quicker with my decision-making while standing.


This is where the Oristand falls short for some of us. Depending on the height of your desk, the Oristand might not align properly with the height of your extended forearms. I am six feet tall and find that the Oristand needs to be a little taller. It’s not easy to adjust my desk height, and if you’re in a cubicle space, you might run into the same issue. Other than placing an item underneath the Oristand to prop it up, adjusting your desk will be recommended to avoid carpel tunnel or other injuries to your arms.

Leg Comfort

Your legs will hurt for a few days of standing, especially if you don’t have a mat to cushion your feet. Even without a mat, I found myself feeling comfortable after a week of standing – like anything, your legs will adjust.

Dual-Monitor Setup

If you have two monitors for your workflow, you may need two Oristands. The width of the Oristand is more than satisfactory for my 24″ monitor. As the Oristand can handle up to 60 lbs of weight, any single-monitor setup should be fine. There is no mounting option, considering we’re talking foldable cardboard.


Even if you need to purchase two for your setup, you’re still better off price-wise. Compared to most standing desks priced in the hundreds, $25 for one Oristand is a cheap, effective hack. You can even purchase branded colours for your staff. That only adds $5 to each unit. Just keep in mind the next point…


Do you have loads of paperwork on your desk? The Oristand does take up a large footprint. Do some measurements of your desk area ahead of time to ensure you have the space for an Oristand. Or the other option: go 100% paperless like me.


Weighing the pros and cons, I am a fan of Oristand. If you’re sitting in meetings 50% of the time, the Oristand provides the much-needed balance for your workstation. If you’re interested in purchasing the Oristand, pick one up here.

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