Peanut Butter Cafe

Peanut Butter Cafe

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This story is business-related, so hear me out. Ever since kindergarten, there has been only one thing my mom and I would pack in my school lunches: the peanut butter sandwich. No jelly, no famous Elvis Presley bananas, no chocolate, no Nutella. Just peanut butter and two pieces of bread. I call it consistency.

When I started out in university, peanut butter sandwiches continued to rule my lunchbox. I got a part-time job in a retail store, and guess what I had during my breaks? The peanut butter sandwich. Everyone around me, from work to social to school life, knew I was obsessed with that one sandwich.

When you stick to something, no pun intended, you will get people interested in what you’re doing. It took me 20 years to get someone to ask about my peanut butter sandwich on a daily basis, and it can take awhile for you to get noticed too. Continue doing what you love – and eating what you want – and you will be noticed for your efforts someday.

Here is the full dream menu of my fictitious peanut butter restaurant:

Peanut butter options: 100% natural in smooth or crunchy spread


Peanut Crackers $7

Peanut on French Bread $7


All sandwiches served on choice of rye, white, sourdough, brown, or gluten-free bread. Slicing: diagonal, rectangle, 4-square, polygon, crustless

Peanut Butter Classic $11

Peanut and Strawberry Blast $13

Peanut and Blueberry Bubble $13

Peanut and Banana $13


Peanut Hot Dog with Onions $5

Peanut Burger Blitz (peanut butter, bacon) $12

Bongo Burger (peanut butter, bacon, pickle, caramelized onions) $14

Peanut Yogurt Berry Salad $9


Peanut Chocolate Ice Cream $6

Peanut Cheesecake $7

Peanut on Chocolate Bar $5

Peanut Pie $6

Scoop of PB a la mode $3

Peanut Popsicle $4

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