Peter Panda

Peter Panda Children's Book


I came up with the idea for this children’s picture book after finding an old panda plushie and clown wig from my childhood. It was so funny to see the wig on my old panda bear that I had to make a story about it.

Panda Plushie

There are several important themes within Peter Panda, themes that affected my childhood. Accepting your appearance. Belonging with others. Fitting in. Exploration. Anti-bullying. Even within 28 pages, there is so much to show. So much to tell.

For those who have seen my previous works, the simplicity in my storytelling carries on here, giving readers only the absolute essentials in visual form.

What’s really exciting is this book can serve as an early education tool to teach numbers and colours to kids, along with the mentioned life themes.

Fun fact: 99% of a panda’s diet consists of bamboo!

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