Promote Your Passion Program: Syllabus Concept

Price: $147 ($399 value)

I have spent seven years answering questions for business owners all over the world and realize one thing: entrepreneurship fails because we don’t know how to share our passion with the world. In this extensive

Syllabus (record all of this with screenshot software, aim for 12 modules, 24 hours of material + 1 bonus motivation hour):

Your backstory
– What struggles have gotten you here?
– Growing your side project
– Resources to top experts (affiliate links?)

Passion defined
– Something that keeps you up at night
– Something that excites you enough to wake up early
– Not a fad

Your Passionate Idea
– What
– Why
– Woo? (What motivates you behind the idea? What woos you?)
– Brand-builder guide

The launch test
– MVP with your friends
– Set an event / presentation next week
– Find out how you can improve – ask for feedback

SaaP (Service as a Product)
– Commoditizing a service that bogs you down
– Outsourcing your life
– My marketing agency example

– 33 success habits
– Morning + daily routine template
– Passion-setting to reach your goals

– Collaborations (not influencers)
– Website conversions
– Practical SEO tips
– MailChimp Mastery Course (included!)

– List of 123 books to read over 5 years to become a business master
– My Promote Your Passion Guidebook
– 101 Marketing Strategies guide

About me
– My struggles
– My desire to help you succeed
– My handle on millennial life (a.k.a. slacker life)
– Why you will be more successful than me

– 1 hour of motivation

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