Okay, here goes, you will think I’m super-weird after this post on shampoo. Here are the reasons why I stopped using shampoo two years ago and why I haven’t looked back since:

I am tired of running into shampoos that ruin my scalp. More dandruff appears with those anti-dandruff shampoos for some reason. It’s like they want you to keep buying it if you fall under that niche of people with snowflakes in their hair. I’m also pretty sure those chemicals in shampoos will give me cancer or worse, kill my sperm.

I always had to put new products in my hair to get the right styling. Everything from hair gel and conditioners to waxes and pastes. Everything to make my hair look good actually made it look like a fake toupe. Hair products are not cheap and they add up, especially if you layer it on.

My hair was thinning and balding for some reason! I was only 26! By eliminating all hair products, I gained some hair volume back. Coincidence? I think not. Now instead of looking like George Costanza, I look like me.

Advertising makes you need all of this. When you consider how great the models on TV look, it only makes sense to feel the need to look like them.

Consider cleaning your hair without any products for a week to see what results you get. I just wash my hair with water for 15 seconds a day. Yes, things will get oily to start. Yes, things will get weird. But your hair will get naturally thicker. Best of all, you’ll be able to style it without a single styling product – the natural oils from your scalp will do that for you.

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