Shockwave Bunny


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Shockwave Bunny is an anti-bullying children’s book about a bunny rabbit with superpowers.

Shockwave Bunny

One day, lightning struck a small little bunny rabbit. I repeat: small and little 🙂

The bunny became quite powerful, with bulging eyes and aerodynamic ears.

Shockwave Bunny was born.

In physics, a shockwave is a type of disturbance that moves faster than the local speed of sound in the medium.

Shockwaves can also be a widespread feeling of shock caused by an unexpected event (like getting hit by lightning).

One day, Shockwave Bunny noticed several bunny rabbit bullies by a playground, picking on a little wittle honey bunny. The bunny was honey-coloured.

Shockwave Bunny to the rescue!

In a dash and a flash, Shockwave Bunny flew faster than sound to reach the Bully Bunnies before they could bother Honey Bunny anymore.

Shockwave Bunny flew in, stood tall and said: all of us bunnies can resolve this conflict in a diplomatic and non-physical way. What seems to be the problem, Bully Bunnies?

Well, our moms grounded us and said we couldn’t have carrots for three weeks! We’re craving carrots and Honey Bunny always has a wonderful stash at lunchtime!

Honey Bunny exclaimed: I forgot my carrots today 🙁 but we could share tomorrow?

Shockwave Bunny interjected: how does that sound Bully Bunnies?

Bully Bunnies: okay great!


Honey Bunny and Shockwave Bunny fall in love and have bunny babies. (Have epic photo here).

The end.

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