Social Media: Good or Toxic?

I personally believe that social media is toxic AND good.

Why social media is toxic:

  • We are feeling less connected to real people than ever before.
  • Suicide rates have roughly increased at the same rate as social media popularity over the past two decades.
  • People can treat others badly while hiding behind a computer screen.

Why social media is good:

  • When used correctly, you can connect with cool people from all over the world.
  • When used correctly, there is easier collaboration among remote teams.
  • When used correctly, small businesses can grow faster than ever before.

The important aspect of all this is to use social media correctly, with intent to genuinely connect yourself to others.

At the end of the day, be aware of these pros and cons:

Pros: it’s great for worldwide business growth and client acquisition.

Cons: it will destroy your personal life if you let it and it’s not as social as the name suggests.

It can help you connect with others, which is especially helpful for introverts.

Or it can isolate you away from your real connections.

You decide what direction to take your social media efforts.

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