Socially Anxious Alligator Andy

Socially Anxious Alligator Andy

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From time to time, people and events scare me. I am afraid to approach others because I constantly worry about what will happen if I do. This is social anxiety.

To explore my socially anxious thoughts, I wrote and illustrated a picture book called Socially Anxious Alligator Andy.

Here are some interesting statistics around social anxiety:

Nearly 15 million American adults have social anxiety. Symptoms can begin at age 13. A third of people with social anxiety will wait 10 or more years to speak to a doctor.

Maybe others in this world will smile and have fun from my story, knowing that they are not alone with their thoughts.

The story revolves around the interactions between Andy and a social salamander named Sammy.

I think the ending will shock most readers. That is my intention.

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