The Case for Hiring Freelance Marketers


50% of jobs will be freelance in 2020. Millennials are now looking for more work-life balance and less of the 9-to-5 structure. Here are a few reasons to hire freelance marketers for your business:

Niche specialties.

Chances are you have a specialized project that can’t be done effectively in-house. You would have to train your staff, and it might take months before they are up to speed with the learning. Overcome this learning curve by bringing on someone who already knows the work you need done.

Cost effectiveness.

There are significant freelancer savings on benefits, training, overhead and office supplies when you bring on a full-time employee. Freelancers only charge by the project or hour. That bodes well for your payroll budget compared to the costliness of a full-time employee.

Extra training unnecessary.

The freelancer comes in to take care of work, plain and simple. There is a clear exchange of money for work. Any extra training happens with the freelancer’s dime.

Culture fit is irrelevant.

When hiring a new employee, you have to ensure they match with your team culture and core values in order to have them stay on long-term. A freelancer can be any kind of person, because their quality of work supersedes the importance of culture and core values. Most of the staff do not even need to know the freelancer exists.

Hiring process is quicker.

As a result of not having to look for team fit, the hiring process for a freelancer is quicker. Other than the project invoice, very little paperwork is needed to sign them on.

Greater pool of applicants to choose from.

You are not locked into a specific location. You can hire a freelancer anywhere in the world to get the job done. Your recruitment search just went global.


You can have a freelancer work odd hours if you desire. You can call them up at a moment’s notice, even after normal office hours. Most staff are waiting to go home, while your freelancer is waiting for more work.


In order to grow the business, you need projects to get done quickly. Freelancers can extend the power of your business when staffing is tight. This helps reduce any growing pains that might come up along the way.

If you are waiting to find the right job candidate, consider outsourcing the work to a freelancer. You may find tremendous value in this approach.

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