The Entrepreneur Job Description

When you have a 9-to-5 job, there is a set schedule to keep you accountable for your daily tasks and goals.

Often you will have a boss to supervise and watch over you.

What happens when you decide to go at it alone and become an entrepreneur?

You become responsible for holding yourself accountable, achieving goals (if you’ve set any) and creating deadlines for yourself.

Do you have a job description to ensure you’re staying on track?

If you don’t, it might be a challenge to wake yourself up in the morning once the normal day-to-day routine is gone.

I sure didn’t when I got started. This is why I’ve decided to write out my ideal job description – to discipline myself to create the successful day I’d want.

Here are my responsibilities:

  • 5a: Wake up (this one is a challenge a struggle with)
  • 5:30a: Exercise
  • 6:30a: Meditate
  • 7a: Read
  • 8a: Grind
  • 1p: Lunch
  • 2p: Grind again
  • 8p: Review day
  • 9p: Bedtime

Aiming for 8 hours of sleep ensures I’m productive throughout the day.

My exercise consists of a short yoga routine or upper / lower body workouts. Occasionally I’ll go swimming, running or cycling to vary things up.

My meditation consists of 10-15 minutes of sitting and breathing.

If I read 10 pages of a book daily, I’m happy.

My grind consists of helping 10 strangers each day. I work on growing my entrepreneur community as well.

I need a one hour break for lunch to re-energize for the afternoon.

Getting to bed by 9 allows me to be well-rested for the next day.

I have plenty of gaps throughout the day for procrastination time – if I accomplish the majority of my tasks above, I’m more likely to have a great day.

Being your own boss requires discipline to ensure you’re on track. If you choose to work for yourself, create your ideal job description and stick to it.

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