The Lost 29-Year-Old Man

I was always excited about the prospect of growing up one day.

I could be a teacher.
Or an astronaut.
Or a celebrity!

I would constantly dream about the arrival of my future.

Then I grew up. I lost a sense of belonging and identity with the world. I isolated myself. I became less useful and more useless to others.

My childhood was riddled with misfortunes as I lost eyesight to one eye. To some this would toughen them up or make them better able to cope with life.

For me I think it did. I excelled in a few areas of my life, like school. Then university came around and I almost bombed to the point of not getting a degree.

We all have set structures in our lives. We go to school by the age of four and know what our daily routine is up until we decide to leave the education system. That decision to leave happens around our mid-twenties for most of us. If we get our degree sooner, then we leave sooner.

After school is over, our next set structure is the 9-to-5 job. Back to another daily routine.

If we reflect on being in school and having a job, most of our positive and negative moments happen within these set structures.

What if, all of a sudden, we do not have school or a job in our lives? Without a set path, we become lost. Today there is a large group of people in that boat, myself included.

If you look at the path to age 29, it may be filled with serious life changes. My career has taken several unique turns, which I’ve mentioned throughout my blog. All of that can take a toll on your psyche and overall confidence.

How many other lost twentysomethings are there in the world today, and what are we doing to help them figure things out?

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