The Most Dangerous Tool for Kids


While driving around on Saturdays, I notice less and less traffic on the road. The reason? Mobile devices.

Kids don’t need to ask their parents for a ride to the mall anymore. They can order everything online.

Forget hanging out with friends and having meaningful conversations. Social media has eliminated the need for that.

No one really understands what phones are doing to us socially. There is no proper education on smartphone use like there is for operating a car.

Phone manufacturers are releasing updates to control screen time. Is it going to be effective at combating addiction? Time will tell. Usually repression breeds even more desire.

Before phones were around, children had to invent ways to be entertained. They played in parks and backyards. They used their imaginations. They played Jenga and moved chess pieces with their hands. They built physical things.

Now they gravitate towards devices to kill time. Hobbies are being replaced by smartphones.

I can’t help but wonder how many people are wasting away on their devices when they could be happier and less lonely without them.

They could be out on Saturdays, playing with friends and being happier.

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