Time-Wasters of Twentysomethings


Here are a few things that I would say are time-wasters for twentysomethings:

Drugs and alcohol.

I can’t see any positive outcome with drugs and alcohol. You are not contributing to the world or improving yourself if you are busy consuming drugs and alcohol. These can be addictive substances that will ruin your life well beyond your twenties. If you feel the absolute need to try them, do so and move on quickly, knowing the consequences.

Bad friends.

If you have friends who are bad people, get them out of your life now. They will drag you down and keep you from growing. There is a saying that suggests you are who you surround yourself with. Take note.

Bad family.

Even family can get in your way. If you don’t need them, minimize the time spent with them. There are plenty of potential mentors out there who can be a better family to you.

Bad relationships.

If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who shouts at you or abuses you, leave them right now. Even if you have to couchsurf or stay with a friend or family member, that is a much better option. Don’t wait for change to occur, because that person might never change.

Higher education.

If you decide to attend college or university, don’t sign up until after you have attended some lectures as a sit-in. Figure out what it is you want to learn before spending thousands of dollars figuring out what you want to learn. There are no refunds for school once you’re in (which blows my mind). If you need to take a year off to travel or figure things out, do it. You could potentially waste four or more years of your life because you didn’t do your homework (lol). Don’t be the student without an education aim.


That autoplay feature on Netflix will ruin you. Enough said.


If you are unhappy, this will suck your life away. Figure out what is causing this and handle it. If you need a therapist, go to one.


If you are isolating yourself in your twenties, either locked in your room or hiding behind social media for days on end, you are likely missing out on wonderful experiences. Do something that doesn’t involve days of you sitting on the couch, dwelling on your thoughts. Further to isolation, twentysomethings seem to have a lack of hobbies these days. Figure out some hobbies you can try and try them.

Things you hate.

If you dread Mondays, you are doing something you hate. Create a plan to stop doing it. If you wake up miserable, you are about to do something you hate. Stop doing it. If you did something and you feel miserable afterwards, you did something that you hated. Stop doing it.

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