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70 fun stories, only $47


Read children’s books on any device with this exclusive 2,000-page PDF bundle, all for less than 69 cents per story!

Bearded Baby

This is the perfect reading collection for world-class daycare providers, preschool teachers, parents, and book lovers. Reinvent storytime with hours of reading enjoyment to delight all ages.


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10 author picks:
Geronimo the Giraffe
Kitten in a Coffee Cup
The Girl with the Exploding Hair Bun
Flying Cannoli
I Want a Pink Donut
Socially Anxious Alligator Andy
Bearded Babies with Grappling Hooks
Two Giraffes
I Want To Be a Child When I Grow Up
Meow Meow Meow

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Readers worldwide have enjoyed Trev’s stories, including families from Brazil and Japan! To give you a uniquely personal storytelling experience on every page, Trev writes and illustrates everything.


Creative professionals from top companies like Disney and NBC have left 5-star reviews. Here’s what they say:

Kristen ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Trev had me at giraffes, my all-time fav animals. Let me say this: my husband has written and illustrated about 200 books for cable and streaming TV, yet Trev’s “Two Giraffes” is one of THE COOLEST KID’S books I’ve ever seen! So touching and just awesome on every level. I am DEFINITELY sharing with anyone who has kids.

Bruce ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Cool kids books. I think they’re great educational tools to teach children. Definitely a great conversation starter!!!

Stuart ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Trev’s children’s tales are delightfully simple and charming, certain to speak to the little readers in your life. The minimalist artwork tackles issues of companionship that all readers long for, young and old. The heavily designed elements of the art puts me in mind of the classic cartoons of the 50’s and 60’s – that’s a good thing. Sweet and life-affirming, read it to the lil’ ones in your life.


Children (and grown-ups) will learn about these important life themes:

Social interaction
Being yourself 😃

You make the world better by reading to kids. 617 million children lack education. 153 million are orphans.

Grab Trev’s ultimate bundle today for only $47 (PayPal secure):


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Photo of Trev with bowtie, smiling as a children's author and illustrator

Trev is the author and illustrator of over 80 children’s books, several short stories, and nonfiction pieces.

He uses his personal experiences to craft boldly unique creations for readers of all ages.

When he’s not making his next story, Trev is swimming, running, and reading in his hometown of Vancouver, Canada.

Author trivia:
Wrote 600+ blog posts. Made 700+ YouTube videos. Won two art awards from Japan. Made first story at age 12. Helped thousands online. Graduated with a marketing degree. Worked with Fortune 500 brands. Completed two triathlons.


From Trev:

This Is a 2,000-Page Children’s Book

I set out to make the longest, most epic children’s book in the whole wide world.

70 stories.
2,000 pages (2,005 to be exact).
Hours of bedtime fun.

After four years, I finally did it. The ultimate children’s book bundle in the palms of your hands.

Okay, where else can you get a single PDF with so much excitement? This is the perfect bundle for anyone with a picture book obsession (all of us).

Also, the tech-savvy parents will appreciate having stories on-hand to keep their kids entertained, anytime, anywhere.

Fans say these are truly the most quirky titles imaginable, have a look again:
Geronimo the Giraffe
Kitten in a Coffee Cup
The Girl with the Exploding Hair Bun
Flying Cannoli
I Want a Pink Donut
Socially Anxious Alligator Andy
Mother I Soiled Myself
Bearded Babies with Grappling Hooks
Two Giraffes
I Want To Be a Child When I Grow Up
The Dark I (wordless book series)
The Dark II
The Dark III
I Think. I Think. I Think.
Code of Conduct
How To Be a Kid
Big Benny
Don’t Go
Let Go
Ok Stay
Mr. Standard Picture Book
I Know. I Know. I Know.
The Cliff
Red Box
Peanut Butter Cafe
Queen of the Fruit Flies
The Book About Nothing
After-Hour Drive
Upsie Downsie
The Very Tall Man
The Book of Airors
Meow Meow Meow
Meow Meow Sing Song
I’m At Home When I’m With You
Born in a Tower 40,000 Miles Above Fun
Ice Lake
The Helicopter Parents of Bel Air
The Concussed Woodpecker
XL Wiener Dog
Hyperactivity Maniacal Child
Boy Who Stares at Top of Page
Boy Who Stares at Hole
Boy Who Stares at Girl
Idea Monkey 3000
One Letter
B.O. Bobby
The Business Dude Who Started 12 Ethically Sustainable Businesses
Peter Panda
The Book of Minimalism for Kids
Miffy by the Seashore
Graffiti Book
The Adorables
Shockwave Bunny
Just Keep Swimming
Honeybee, I Need You
Smell Beyond the Bathroom Door
Loco Kitty

Yup, that’s the whole epic collection. I have one phrase for you: bearded babies with grappling hooks.

I hope many people will enjoy this bundle, as my intention is to brighten as many days as possible. The world could always use more joy.

Buy bundle.

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