Van's Shoes

Vans Shoes: The Power of Viral Brands

After the viral explosion of the Damn Daniel video, I noticed some retailers relocating the Vans shoes displays to the front of the store to boost exposure and sales. I did some research to discover Van’s reached $2 billion in sales for 2014 and 21 straight quarters of double-digit growth.

Van’s is one heck of a successful brand, and arguably the most powerful brand in youth culture today. Consistency in their message helps with their success model.

They stay true to their core customer group – skaters – yet appeal to the masses all over the world with daily one-to-one consumer connections. Van’s is a 50-year footwear brand icon based out of California, staying true to their roots through thick and thin.

The Damn Daniel viral video reveals the power of brand loyalists, and how, when paired with modern media, could only equal one thing: brand growth.

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