What High School Students Need to Know Before College

High schoolers are constantly given a rude awakening when they graduate from school. They have to start making their own decisions in life. It sucks, I know. Been there, done that. But if you can get past being a spoiled brat and actually take ownership of your post-secondary life, you might have a chance to make something of yourself. Here are some words of wisdom:

If you don’t know where you’re going, explore first.
Don’t waste your time locked into an institutional system yet. Harsh but true. You need to find what you’re passionate about first before you start school. Explore what’s out there. Do your research. Don’t aimlessly enter into school thinking you’ll figure it out after years of college debt.

If there are too many choices, pick none and walk away.
You will know what feels right when the time comes. Don’t overthink the sheer idea that there are shitloads of courses, majors, certificates, diplomas and degrees to choose from. The choice will become obvious naturally, over time, when you get to know what you’re good at.

Say goodbye to the standard structure.
You are in charge of your success going forward. Your parents can’t make the next decisions for you. They can’t tell you what major to choose. They can’t cook your Kraft Dinner while you’re in the dorm room. Set out to be independent now. If you haven’t been making many decisions up to now, stop reading this, go to the grocery store, and buy yourself some fruits and vegetables.

You’re going to lose some friends if you want to be happy.
Your path will piss off some people. They don’t get you. The people who support you will be your real friends. In a sense, the time leading up to college will define all of the excess and important things in your life. Distinguish between the two.

Enjoy it or forget it.
Life is too short. Don’t do something if you’re not driven to do it. Switch directions while you’re young, go where the fun is. Start something. Build something. Make mistakes. Hustle.

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