What is your story?

Of course I could wait until I am successful to share my story, but then you will not know my current struggles. You will not know what I’ve really gone through. That’s why I want to take you there now.

I decided to leave my corporate job to pursue a number of different things. I had no side income, I had no plan. I had a mortgage.

I started a t-shirt company but realized I was unfocused and couldn’t capture the market. I had to pivot and adjust. No one said it was going to be easy. Then I was training for a full marathon but suffered a lifestyle-threatening retinal tear to my eye days before the race and had to back out. I only have vision in one eye and I am too young for this. Then I built content. YouTube, Podcasts, Books, Blogs, Q&A’s. I tried everything.

And that is what I want to talk about – what I did after my injury. You will run into an issue in your life. Move forward with your struggle. Love and embrace your struggle. Use it as motivation to appreciate what you have.

After the injury I decided to make it my mission to help others instead of moping about myself. I told you what I went through not for sympathy, but for reality. You will struggle, hurt and deal with challenges. This is my beginning commitment to you, my readers, my fans. If there is something you are battling with, let’s work on it together. You are not alone.

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