What it Feels Like to be an INTJ

Here is my list of what it feels like to be an INTJ:

  • I have a constant stream of random ideas floating around inside my head.
  • I can never focus on one thing.
  • I really don’t like feedback.
  • I prefer to be alone most days.
  • I do not handle bosses/authority particularly well.
  • I like setting daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and lifelong goals.
  • I am scared of dogs and most pets.
  • Consulting, strategy, marketing, creative writing, triathlons and indie films intrigue me.
  • I do not get along well in teams, unless I’m in charge.
  • I prefer to avoid bars, nightclubs and loud noises.
  • I can be sad, depressed, anxious and suicidal for fleeting moments.
  • I really like emotional eating in secret.
  • I never drink alcohol.
  • I drink a lot of water.
  • I like reading business books.
  • I like watching YouTube videos about business.
  • I fall asleep to podcasts.
  • I thrive with structure and crumble without it.
  • I am an extreme minimalist and love order.
  • I like periodically deleting my social media accounts when trolls annoy me.
  • I like signing up for social media accounts that I recently deleted.
  • I am very quiet around groups of people.
  • I take a long time to get to know people.
  • I can sit in a coffee shop for hours, talking one-on-one about in-depth topics with someone I barely know.
  • I envy artistic and successful people and try to emulate them, albeit poorly.
  • I want to solve problems by helping others in some way.
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