What successful people buy at the grocery store

When shopping at the grocery store this week I had a conversation with a very successful business executive. Midway through the discussion I noticed his buggy was loaded with fruits, vegetables, coffee and some relatively healthy snacks – a well-balanced, normal set of groceries. I couldn’t help but take a picture at the cashier till (above).

On a number of occasions I notice successful people do not buy fancy items, just the basic essentials. They have the discipline to stick to a buying routine.

On my journey to being more successful, I notice my food purchasing routines changing as well. I walk past the junk-food aisles with distaste – even the smell turns me off. Coming from an obsessed cookie and ice cream habit, that is a major habit shift from the old Trev.

What are your eating habits like? Do you think healthy, disciplined eating is correlated with success?

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