Where can I go to have my logo critiqued?

My answer to Where can I go to have my logo critiqued?

Answer by Trevor Carss:

You can head over to an expert platform called Clarity and have someone review your logo (included logo designer as the search here): Clarity — On Demand Business Advice.

You can also check out Fiverr. They offer cheap services.

Or for the less expensive approach, grab customer feedback with a survey.

I like the simple approach to your logo and unique name, it looks like it could work on a variety of media.

I’m not a huge fan of overlays and so many colours, but you seem to have adequately captured it here. To improve, consider identifying a more unique iconic element that really makes the logo stand out, rather than circles and a square.

Is there a story behind the icon? Does it present something meaningful? I am not connecting on an emotional level yet, but you are in the right direction. Consider researching logos of animation studios and comedy clubs to understand any common elements of symbolism.

Do you need an icon? Maybe Animedia as the typography should be the iconic element (think Pixar / Disney). Even a big, unique A has some iconic power.

Hope that helps, just some ideas.

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