Why children’s books don’t need characters.

Let’s go back to preschool.

We were taught the names of basic objects, like squares and circles. We never even knew what people, places or things meant.

Why can’t children’s books explore the same unknowns?

That’s why I created a story called Stairs.

Using just rectangles and text, I crafted a story with the focus directly on the reader.

I didn’t want a character in this story. I wanted my reader to introspect instead.

I love creating abstract books. It leaves more imagination open to the explorer, the adventurer.

When characters are set in stone, we can only dream about what’s on the page.

When the reader can create the character on their own, they can dream about the possibilities beyond the page.

I believe my readers are smarter than their age. With only a little guidance on my end, the rest of the world in my books can be interpreted with pure imagination.

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