10 Things To Do in Self-Isolation During a Pandemic

While a pandemic like the Coronavirus occurs, most have no choice but to self-isolate and take time off away from work. To look on the bright side, this presents a number of opportunities. Here are 10 things you can do in self-isolation during a major pandemic.

You can finally write that book you always wanted to finish.

Within a few weeks, you can have a draft manuscript ready to go, and self-publishing is incredibly easy through Amazon. If you have a talent in a particular area, making a book on the topic can be as simple as writing a dozen helpful pages.

You can make YouTube videos.

Most of us have a smartphone. Now is the time to put it to productive use. You can document yourself, all locked up in your room, and publish it to YouTube or TikTok. Bonus points for extracting the audio to do podcasts as well.

You can help businesses remotely.

This is a golden way to make money without depending on work location. Many businesses, especially in troubling times, could use your help, whether it be via marketing, sales or even simple admin tasks. Without getting too complicated, the best approach is to do email outreach using job board tools like LinkedIn or Craigslist. Send a simple email to let prospective businesses know what you can help them with.

You can exercise and eat better.

With limitations on food shipments, the good thing is you can still find locally made produce, which is what most people should be consuming anyways. With this extra free time, now is the perfect moment to get in a workout or two. You can find simple workouts online, and all it really takes is moving your body, even if you’re just pacing from window to window or wall to wall.

You can read.

Maybe there is a book you’ve been meaning to get to. Now’s your chance to finally crack it open and crank through a few pages.

You can meditate.

Silence and deep thought can be luxuries with our always-connected lifestyles these days. Sitting still and appreciating the silence can be really helpful.

You can connect with others online.

I have a love-hate relationship with social media, but in times like these, maybe it can be used for good. Positively connecting with others, anywhere in the world, can be facilitated using any social media platform.

You can clean your room.

It is Spring cleaning after all. Plus, you’ll feel relieved once you find that once-lost twenty dollar bill, hidden in an underwear drawer.

You can start that business you always dreamed of.

Some of the best entrepreneurial moments have happened in a downturn. When times are tough, the greatest people use innovation and creativity to solve major problems in the world. Your business idea could be the next big thing.

Ideas, ideas, ideas.

So many ideas, and the last idea is to dream up more ideas for things you can do in life. There really is no limit to what you can achieve, in good times and bad.

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