Idea Dump

You need a place to dump all of your ideas. I’ve run into countless people who continually rehash idea after idea, only to never act on them. It’s tragic. Dead ideas are just plain tragic.

The solution is an idea dump. Your mind will thank you. Use a note app or spreadsheet and write out every idea that comes to mind throughout your day. Within a year you will have thousands of random ideas, some better than others. Don’t filter anything, just write. You might go back to an idea and realize what was once silly is now brilliant.

Over time your mind will calm itself, knowing that you’ve captured your ideas somewhere. It’s a relief when your mind is not always in overdrive. The idea dump will save you from idea drowning.

For me, I use a note app for ideas on the fly, then I take those ideas and organize them into a spreadsheet. Usually I’ll go back and review or implement some of those ideas.

An idea written out is one step closer to an idea executed than an idea in your head. Dump away.

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