10 Ways to Make Money

I see quite a few videos on YouTube and blog articles – including this one 😉 – discussing how someone can make money today. I am here to tell you that most of what is said requires hard work. There is no such thing as getting rich quick. The success with making money comes from all of the little habits you build over time, with consistency.

If you want to build a following, it takes time and work to grow it. Buying followers doesn’t count because it’s equivalent to holding up monopoly money and saying you have a million dollars.

Since making money is such a popular topic (and it should be, it’s what we use to buy food for our families), I thought I’d chime in with 10 ways that have worked for me in the past. Here’s the disclaimer: none of these ways will make you money overnight. Stop reading now if you are unwilling to put in the effort to make these a reality. Here we go:

1. Provide value with a zero-return expectation.
Too many people expect a significant return for showing up and sitting at their office chair. Fulfilling your responsibilities is a given, don’t expect a reward for being among the status quo. What are you providing beyond what is expected of you? What projects are you taking on to accelerate your learning? What activities are you doing in your spare time to help others? I have yet to see a top 10 list discuss the importance of giving significant value beyond the norm. If you just do this step for the rest of your live, you will be successful beyond your dreams. Stop expecting an exchange of value and instead focus on giving it.

2. Flip items on classifieds sites.
This is really straightforward, and let’s look at this in terms of you giving value again. You are essentially becoming a market researcher and salesperson, finding a product that has been listed below market and selling it at a higher margin. You are offering value by removing the headache of someone trying to get rid of their stuff. Consider the concept of removing headaches as a valuable offering. You may even receive discounted goods just for helping out. Start with a small, in-demand product, like a smartphone, computer or fitness tracker. Digital devices have the greatest potential for a solid return.

3. Teach a course.
If you have knowledge in any topic, you should teach a course. If you’re one of those young millennials, teach a course on how to be a millennial. Or maybe you’re tech-savvy and can teach an iPhone 101 course. You can teach at a local library, school, college, or online with Udemy. Most places have meeting rooms available where you can host a teaching session. By educating others on what you know, you will build a reputation as a helpful person, and maybe even a potential coach for others.

4. Deliver newspapers.
I delivered newspapers when I was seven. It taught me the importance of saving your money for the long-term, because at the time I wouldn’t be making much to live off of. It also taught me a lesson on humility and the realization that hard work is a requirement for success, no matter the task. It’s rewarding when you finish that paper route too.

5. Become a freelancer.
At first I struggled to find some clients for my freelancing venture. I didn’t know who to talk to or where to start. Then I decided to let my network know that I was getting into freelancing and would love to help anyone in need. I made nothing on my first clients because I wanted to show my value and worth. Then people started offering to pay me. Then I had five clients. And now I’m looking to build a business out of it. People need someone like me to help them promote their passion, and it took me hours, days and months of trial and error to carve out my niche. But it was absolutely worth the journey. If you’re shy like me about asking people to help them out, try Upwork. This platform gives you access to thousands of people who need your help.

6. Create incredible videos.
YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. Although most people and businesses are writing content for Google search results, being more dynamic by adding video to your repertoire will give you the edge to stand out. Videos are the way to take it up a notch in these modern times. Create content that inspires others to follow you. Don’t get too salesy unless that’s your niche. Once you build a following, you can consider adding in ads to make money. Be warned that it requires approximately 1,000 views to make $1. Focus on offering valuable content instead, then your fans will buy any product you recommend to them, whether it be a new book you launch or a course on millennials you created 😉

7. Invest.
Take a percentage of your earnings and have it automatically invest into an index fund on the stock market. Index funds are lower-risk than typical stocks, but will likely average you 7-10% returns over the long-run if you keep reinvesting. DO NOT leave $20,000 sitting in your savings account, making 0.5% returns. That is only a great way to grow your wealth if you plan on living into your three-hundreds!

8. Leverage social media.
If you are launching a clothing line without a following, you will need to get social. Focus on building your total social media following to 1,000 engaged fans. That includes email. With just 1,000 fans you can offer education, advice, knowledge, guides, courses, coaching, events, you name it. Those 1,000 fans will buy your items. It has been proven that with 1,000 fans you can quit your 9-to-5 job comfortably, with potential returns of $50,000 if you have just one $50 product to offer. Make that offer extremely valuable and you will be forever rich from the happiness of your fans.

9. Set challenging goals.
You need to shoot for tangible results and realistic, exciting goals you would actually want to achieve. With a sense of urgency. If you set goals that sound great but don’t get you really moving, then you need to rethink why that’s your goal. Consider my modified version of the SMART technique to goal-setting.

10. Stop doing everything you hate.
If your entire day is spent doing the things you don’t want to do, you will never be motivated enough to make more money. Start cutting out the garbage in your life to free up time for passion projects. The more time you have for your passions, the more value you will create for this world.

These are my 10 ways to help you make money, and they’re not as conventional as those typical lists. If you’re looking for a list that is a little less philosophical, I do have an article for making money solely online here. It’s a little easier to digest but still a great way to help you promote your passion today.

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